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    • Cleane, modieuze sneakers, voor mannen en vrouwen. Lokaal geproduceerd met duurzame materialen en productie methoden. Maatschappelijke en sociale impact

    Our first model is a clean, white sneaker for men and women. The sneakers can be worn both casual and business. Our men's and women's models each have their own last and are therefore of a higher quality, have greater wearing comfort and experience less wear and tear. The longer you can keep wearing our sneakers, the more durable they are.

    The upper of our sneaker is made of chrome-free tanned leather. The use of heavy metals in production is very polluting and in our opinion
    undesirable. Our insole is made from 85% recycled material and our soles are made from at least 20% recycled rubber. All the residual leather that remains during the production of the sneaker is collected for reuse.

    The sneakers are available in sizes 39-46 for men and 36-42 for women.