We are Daan Smits, and Bart and Willem Jansen. As brothers and cousins, we've known each other all our lives. With our different backgrounds and shared drive, we work enthusiastically on Zoolmates.

    Bart has been active for many years for a large care and welfare organization and leads various social enterprises there. He knows better than anyone how people can be helped on their way to work. In addition, in his spare time he is a beer brewer of the social beer brand Duts. Willem, brother of Bart, has been socially active all his life. Including in social housing and municipal politics. Daan, cousin of Bart and Willem, is the financial man of the three with a lot of knowledge of fashion.

    In 2020 we took the plunge and started setting up a new sneaker brand. But in a way that suits us and the challenges of today. We became very enthusiastic about the idea of producing sneakers locally, sustainably and with social impact. This is how Zoomates was born.

    • Cleane, modieuze sneakers, voor mannen en vrouwen. Lokaal geproduceerd met duurzame materialen en productie methoden. Maatschappelijke en sociale impact